A Flight for All Seasons!

What do the holidays mean to you? Does it mean flying cross country to be with the family? Or flying someplace warm to spend your extra vacation days? Either way, RAI Jets provides convenient holiday travel to the destination of your choice. This season, give yourself the gift of luxury! Call us for a quote today.

Bebe On Board

While private jet charter is increasingly popular among businesses and even families for travel, we still get our share of the rich and famous too. On September 17, pop star Bebe Rexha flew with us and even took an onboard video that caught our pilots witnessing all her fun. Check it out on her Instagram.

Miracle Flights

While all of our flights are highly important to us at RAI Jets, tran-sporting life-saving organ transplant teams and their precious cargo to their surgery sites is the most rewarding. The calls are unexpected and often come at night, but we move mountains to get these miracle-working medical teams and the organ to be transplanted to their destinations as quickly and as safely as possible. Once there, we watch them walk away, and take pride in the fact our aviation services helped save a life that day.

Safety With Stryker

RAI Pilot Ken Richcreek and Sales Director Christina Riley were among the more than 100 aviation professionals in attendance at the 2019 Business Aviation Forum recently. The theme was “The Challenge of Change” and was co-presented with the Michigan Business Aviation Association. It was a full day of learning the latest in safety technology in aviation, seeing old friends and making new ones.

May I See Your Card?

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the Life of Riley Jet Card! Choose from four levels to match your personal and business private flight travel needs with set rates, so you fly without a having to request a quote. Member only free upgrades, personal concierge to assist with travel, dining and entertainment needs plus RAI Jets aviation expertise and resources at your service! For pricing, contact us today at 800-247-2834.