Summer is ending but now is the perfect time to take that last minute getaway! If we can help, visit our website and request a quote. We’ll see you in the skies!

–Your RAI Jets Team

David Riley, Director of Operations, Christina Riley-Kline, Director of Sales and Marketing, Brian Riley, Chief Pilot, Becky Bakeman, President, and Kay Scohy, Administration.

Congratulations to Our Latest Flight Attendant!

Just before the pandemic lock down, we were able to attend the 2020 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Conference, where our own Christina Riley-Kline was awarded a scholarship to Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant Program. Now, we congratulate her on the completion of the program and welcome her to the ranks of the flight attendants at RAI Jets. You can view her graduation profile on the Beyond and Above website.

Plan a Fall Golf Getaway!

Summer’s coming to a close but the crisp, cool fall days are great for golfing. Now is the time to consider a golf getaway in northern Michigan! Skip the drive around Lake Michigan and fly our express charter service to Boyne Mountain and Harbor Springs Airport, with convenient transfer to Boyne Mountain Resort, Boyne Highlands, and the Inn at Bay Harbor.

Then choose from 10 championship-caliber courses across Boyne’s three scenic properties, surrounded by fall color and the magic of autumn. Fly home the same day or stay for a night or a weekend.

Call us at 800-247-2834 to plan your golf package and begin your journey.

Josh Michael Ellis

Welcome to Our Newest Technician, Josh!

Josh Michael Ellis is an experienced and certified aircraft maintenance professional that has worked in the industry since 1991. He specializes in refurbishing aircraft interiors and is a cabinet maker, finisher, and painter as well as a skilled mechanic. When Josh is not working on an aircraft you can find him skydiving, playing softball, or honing his craftsmanship with woodworking projects.

Sales & Scheduling Welcomes Meg!

Meg Fittro joins our Sales & Scheduling department at RAI with a B.S. in business administration and a rich background in business development and client support. She is looking forward to learning more about the aviation business and wearing the many hats required at RAI Jets. She has a 10-year-old son and is a competitive disc golfer, in addition to her many hobbies within the fine arts.

RAI Jets Repair Center

Rate Our Repair Station!

RAI’s new Part 145 repair station is fully operational, and if you’ve enjoyed service with RAI Jets, we welcome you to leave us a review on the MRO Insider website using the pictured QR code. We proudly staff highly experienced technicians with more than 15+ years working on aircraft who are qualified to nearly any inspection necessary on Ce650 and Ce750s.

The RAI Jets Repair Center is taking appointments at 800-247-2834.

My, how we’ve changed! People are looking at jet charter a little bit differently these days.

Older couple on plane