When the world was pre-pandemic, chartering a jet and flying off to a dream locale was just a pipe dream. Now, in the age of COVID-19, we are getting new customers who have decided to finally try what they have always dreamed about. In some cases, they are trying jet charter to help their elderly relatives relocate as safely as possible. Others are just choosing jet charter over the commercial airlines for all the reasons jet charter has always been the gold standard—safety, convenience, and comfort.

As we all know, the risks and inconveniences of flying commercially continue to deter customers. From cancelled flights to CDC warnings for international travel, flying anywhere has become fraught with special considerations. Airports are doing their best to sanitize surfaces, but there are so many possible areas to transmit infection: luggage and luggage handlers, common areas touched by thousands of people, security practices, etc. Even though airlines do their best to contain any possibility of spread of the coronavirus, standards like social distancing are very difficult on a commercial jet. You may be seated next to someone within six feet for hours at a time, and of course, be required to wear your mask, depending on your air carrier and how much they want to enforce their rules.

In contrast, flying on a private jet automatically reduces the risk of contracting any infectious disease because of the limited passengers aboard. It’s always been a great way to travel, but right now, you can’t beat jet charter for the safest possible flights.

So having made the decision to charter a jet, what company do you choose? Flying during COVID-19, even for jet charter operators, is a little different. Here are some questions to ask your private jet charter operator in the days of COVID-19:

What precautions are being taken to keep passengers safe?  The ability to social distance, with just your own traveling companions and a flight crew, is a given and a prime luxury when you charter a jet. But find out what else your charter company has done to ensure that surfaces will not harbor the coronavirus. At RAI Jets, in addition to continued intensive spraying and wiping, we have taken the extra step to sanitize our jets using MicroShield 360,®an FDA and EPA-approved surface treatment that provides a molecular barrier which destroys bacteria and germs and prevents adherence to surfaces for an entire year, 24/7/365. Our crew also vigilantly self-monitors for any symptoms, as should passengers for the safety of all aboard the aircraft.

How much do your planes fly? At RAI Jets, we do not have a floating fleet, meaning they return after almost every trip and receive a thorough in-house cleaning.

What PPE is required and available onboard? Since you are basically the boss on your private jet, you will be in charge of the rules regarding face masks. By default, our crew wears face masks during boarding, but unlike the airlines, it is up to you whether or not you wear them onboard YOUR flight.

Can my flight be cancelled because of COVID-19? Only if you contract it yourself. Then you are asked to quarantine. Otherwise, you need not worry about a cancellation. It’s one of the benefits of charter travel!

How will the boarding process work?  As always at RAI Jets and most private carriers, there is no parking hassle, and you can move from your car right onto the aircraft. No waiting in public spaces with strangers where your risk of contracting the virus rises.

Are there any restrictions onboard? Charter flight customers can do everything on a private jet that they were able to do before the pandemic. This includes staying productive on your laptop (with our seat adjacent table tops), playing with your children, napping with plenty of legroom,  or enjoying a catered meal and your favorite beverages—a service that has disappeared from many commercial airlines at this time. There is also no extra charge for luggage, and your luggage will probably be handled by one, rather than multiple people.

What happens at my destination? We are aware of any requirements at the municipal or major airport at your destination. Depending on the locale, you may be asked to wear masks when exiting the aircraft and until you reach your own vehicle. RAI Jets can provide concierge service for your needs at your destination as well as onboard the flight.

Has COVID-19 affected jet charter pricing? Yes, it has affected pricing in the consumer’s favor! Thanks to the Federal Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES  Act), the Federal Excise Tax for Part 135 jet charter operators like RAI Jets LLC has been suspended through January 1, 2021. We pass the savings on to you!

To remain in compliance with pandemic-related guidelines, RAI Jets is closely monitoring FAA and CDC requirements. For our passengers, this means no worrying about the status of your flight operations and the ability to travel with piece of mind. Whether you need an escape, want to see mom and dad, or have a pressing business matter, RAI Jets can accommodate your needs. With RAI Jets, you are assured of a safe and healthy flight! Call for a quote today at 800-247-2834 or flyrai.com.