Making the Most of Aircraft Management and Jet Charter in 2021

January is usually a time of looking ahead to the next year with anticipation, usually with increased clarity from the experience of the previous months.  But for owners requiring aircraft management, or businesses who use jet charter, some of the same questions abound now in December that did at the beginning of the pandemic. Questions like, how much will I/we be flying next year? Will we need to use charter jets or commercial? And most of all, will the imminent vaccine make enough of a difference to really affect our business/travel plans?

At RAI Jets, we had an interesting year. Although the pandemic stalled business and raised operating costs, it also paved the way for people who had not previously used jet charter to give it a try. Now, we are looking solidly forward to 2021 and enjoying the silver aviation linings of 2020. What were those, you ask?

The Tax Break on Jet Charter. Part 135 operators like RAI Jets received a break when the government waived the 7.5% federal excise tax on amounts paid, applicable domestic and international segment fees, along with 6.25% tax on air transportation of property. We were then able to pass this savings onto our customers. Folks who bought flight hours before January 1 with our Life of Riley jet card, you can still take advantage of the tax savings by flying for less in 2021. That’s really something to look forward to in 2021.

Hangar Space. If you own or operate an aircraft, you know how important it is to manage and maintain your asset as economically as possible. Our facility in Kalamazoo offers small town operational costs with big town convenience and quality service that will continue in 2021. We are even looking forward to possibly increasing our hangar space for our aircraft management operations in 2021, even as we have some room for a new aircraft tenant in our main facility at Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International (KAZO) airport. In other words, if you’re anticipating the need for aircraft hangar space in 2021, give is a call!

Maintenance Capabilities.  Our maintenance technicians, A&P and A&P with IA continually update their skills and certifications for different types of aircraft. We’re proud our expertise in maintenance will continue to grow and offer opportunity for our clients in 2021. Aircraft owners have trusted their FAA-approved maintenance to RAI Jets for years and they trust our integrity, our experience, and knowledge. Safety is first at RAI Jets, and everyone knows it.

The best part of ending 2020 and looking forward to 2021 is that we are able to be here and serve as always, even with increased capacity. It’s been a rocky year for aviation but like the rest of the country, we’re looking forward to a better 2021.  And if we can help you in the coming year with your aircraft management or jet charter needs, don’t hesitate to contact us at