Protecting Passengers and Crew with 12-Month Protective MicroShield 360™ Disinfection Applied to Jets!

RAI Jets is Open For Business with Safer, Healthier Flights

Now while you fly with RAI Jets, you’re even safer!

We are applying MicroShield 360™, the first ever EPA and FDA-approved antimicrobial coating for all surfaces to our jets. It is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic electrostatic spray-on treatment which molecularly bonds to 100% of all surface area with a powerful barrier. It proactively destroys bacteria and germs as well as their ability to adhere to surfaces and grow. One application works 24/7/365 and is guaranteed for one year!

If we can help you plan a safer, healthier flight than the ones you get on the commercial airlines, contact us today for a quote.