(KALAMAZOO, MI)—(December 6, 2017) – RAI Jets, LLC, a jet charter company based in Kalamazoo, MI, is continuing to improve their fleet with the addition of high-speed internet aboard their Citation X aircraft. Already experiencing the epitome of speed and luxury in air travel, passengers are now able to stay connected aboard their flights via Wi-Fi.

“The Citation X’s Wi-Fi upgrade is just another addition to the vast amenities we provide our clients,” said David Riley, Director of Operations at RAI. “We know our clients expect the best while on board our jets, and now they can benefit from staying totally connected in the air.”

The Citation X, one of the fastest civilian jets available for charter travel, joined RAI’s fleet in May 2017 and received FAA approval in August. RAI’s Citation X already made history when former owner Steve Fossett used it to make the record-breaking flight from San Diego to Charleston, South Carolina in under three hours.

On board the Citation X is a Gogo ATG 4000, offering fully wireless mobile broadband service. The speed and reliability of the ATG 4000 is on par with broadband one would find in the home or office.

“Our clients can now accomplish anything in the air that they would be able to do on the ground. From surfing the web on their tablets, to participating in important virtual meetings, to logging in to their corporate networks on their laptops, our clients don’t have to sacrifice connectivity for speed and comfort,” Riley commented.

In addition to the WiFi service, the Citation X will be upgraded with the Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast system (ADS-B) to accommodate the next generation of air traffic modernization. This will fulfill the FAA requirement that aircraft operating in certain airspace must be equipped with ADS-B by January 1, 2020.

RAI is currently accepting charter flights on the newly upgraded Citation X from over 5,000 airports nationwide. For more information or for a quote, visit www.flyrai.com.



RAI Jets LLC is a charter jet company based in Kalamazoo, MI with a second hangar location in Sturgis, Michigan. They provides customized, jet charter service to individuals and businesses for business or leisure. RAI Jets has access to over 5,000 airports nationwide with an impressive fleet of aircraft to suit any company’s passenger needs. They also offer aircraft management and acquisition service. For more information on RAI Jets, visit https://flyrai.com or call (800) 247-2834.