Businessman,Holds,Hands,AircraftFor anyone wishing to own or already owning an aircraft, there is a little secret that you need to know to make jet ownership as simple as possible– aircraft management services. Having an aircraft management team to help you manage your jet can not only save you time and can also save you money!

As any aircraft owner will tell you, owning an aircraft is a tremendous responsibility. Since all aircraft is FAA-regulated, there are regulatory compliance issues to continuously monitor and  manage. Aircraft owners are required to know and implement these, even as they evolve and change over time. Second, is the matter of who flies the aircraft. Aircraft owners must take responsibility for hiring flight crew with the right requirements for every trip. Finally, there are the considerable overhead costs for items like aircraft maintenance, fuel, hangar rental, etc. that must be covered every month by the aircraft owner.

Smart aircraft owners view their aircraft as an asset, not a liability. As such, they hire an aircraft management company so they can breathe a sigh of relief as the company handles all those headaches and responsibilities for them. At RAI Jets, we help our clients solve seven of their most challenging aircraft management responsibilities. And we do it in a way that helps aircraft owners not only manage their aircraft economically, but possibly even make a profit!

1. Hangar Space

MANAGEMENT-SERVICESFinding your plane a “home” is a necessity, and not always easy. Our aircraft management clients find a home for their aircraft at one of our two hangars: our 24,000 sq. ft. hangar at Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport (KAZO) and a 10,000 sq. ft. space at Kirsch Municipal Airport (KIRS) in Sturgis, Michigan. Plans are in the works for 14,000 sq. feet with a 28-foot high door to accommodate heavy jets.  additional hangar space at KAZO too. Our aircraft management clients love our location, which is convenient to larger Midwest cities like Chicago and Detroit, without the big city rates.

2. Maintenance

The RAI Service Center is a certified Part 145 Repair Station in Michigan. At both of our hangar locations, you’ll find onsite, FAA-certified, expert aviation technicians to keep your aircraft in tip top shape. Many of our techs have been with RAI Jets for more than 10 years and are FAA-approved airframe and powerplant mechanics. We offer Inspection Authority (IA) and A&P (airframe and powerplant) certified service on light, mid-size and super mid-sized jets to keep you in compliance and flying high.

3. Inspections and Certifications

RAI Jets Service CenterFor most aircraft owners, keeping current on FAA requirements can pose a challenge. Our management services will ensure that your plane passes all FAA regulations, inspections, and certifications to keep your aircraft in compliance. Our technicians are highly experienced in light and heavy maintenance inspections for:

  • Citation III, VI, VII, and X
  • Hawker 800 and 900
  • Falcon 2000 and 900
  • 411 and 91.413 inspections (Repair Station #RJSR819D)

4. Hiring and Training Pilots

Owning an aircraft is one thing but finding the highly trained and skilled pilot to get it off the ground is another. With aircraft management services through RAI Jets, we provide highly-trained pilots you can trust. Safety of our aircraft and our passengers is our number one priority, and we are safety-certified by Wyvern, programs that certify Part 135 Air Carriers and the pilots who operate them. Our pilots adhere to strict six and twelve month air carrier certification requirements and have extensive flight experience from the airlines, in corporate aviation, or the military, before they join our ranks.

5. Fueling

Dave-walking-between-Jets-compressorAs with other industries, fuel costs can fluctuate dramatically in aviation. One of the advantages of aircraft management services is economies of scale for resources, such as aircraft fuel. RAI Jets has a conveniently located, fully operational fuel farm on site near our hangar at KAZO. When fuel prices are in flux, we do what we can to keep fuel prices low and pass the savings on to our aircraft management customers.

6. Lowering Operating Costs

As part of RAI Jets aircraft management services, aircraft owners have the opportunity to add their aircraft to RAI’s Air Carrier Certificate. This allows RAI to charter your jet when it’s not in use. The revenue produced by “leasing” your aircraft can reduce the fixed operating costs of your asset from 30-100%, while keeping the aircraft available for your use whenever you want it. And, if the market for private charters is hot, RAI Jets may even be writing checks back to you!   

7. Concierge Services

When you’re ready to fly, you want your jet ready and waiting with any onboard special requests. When you arrive at your destination, you want to know there is transportation waiting to take you to your next stop. RAI Jets handles special needs with its concierge service for our aircraft management clients and charter passengers who fly in your aircraft. We handle the hard work and preparation needed to create the perfect jet charter experience.

A partnership with RAI Jet’s aircraft management services is a great way to relieve yourself of the seven challenges that face every aircraft owner. It’s also a possible way to simultaneously defray overhead costs. The management services from our family-owned and operated aviation management services and Part 145 Repair Station are comprehensive and part of the way we extend hospitality and the RAI Jets core values to our fellow aviators. We want to make aviation easier for everyone! For more information on aircraft management services with RAI Jets, visit our website or give us a call today at 800-247-2834.