College-sport-cheerersIf there’s one thing more exciting that football game of your favorite college team, it’s taking a private jet to college sports games!

It’s all about the onboard experience and camaraderie for our clients. When you grab your fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, and fellow college team fans and book a private flight with RAI Jets, you’re sure to take home some winning memories. Traveling together in a private jet is an unforgettable experience where you can celebrate there and back in style, comfort, and privacy.

Imagine being together with friends and experiencing the complete convenience and luxury of taking a private jet to college sports. You’ll skip the long, cramped car ride, and the hassle of trying to coordinate airline travel between multiple passengers. When you fly RAI Jets, all you need to do is meet us at the airport and climb on board. Your seats will all be nearby each other, guaranteed! And we promise an even  better experience  than a first-class flight.  Best of all, when you take a private jet to college sports, you don’t even have to stay overnight after the game. You can fly home right afterward, so you have the day free instead of having to use it for travel. Now that’s a time saver!

Here are just a few more of our customers’ favorite reasons to take a private jet to college sports…

  • Arrival and departure time is scheduled at the convenience of the group.
  • Leaving from a smaller airport is much more convenient than a major hub.
  • Flights are on time because they are on your schedule—you won’t be late to the game because of flight delays or airport congestion.
  • No stadium parking headaches—concierge will arrange a drop-off at the gate
  • Tailgate on the aircraft, with food and drinks of your choice.
  • Catchup with friends without disturbing other passengers.
  • Create a lifelong memory.

Whether you bleed maize and blue for U of M, see only green with MSU, or, like us at RAI Jets, love those Western Michigan Broncos, watching a game live is the ultimate experience, and taking a private jet to college sports to do it is a great way to return to your alma mater. School spirit is palpable in every city that hosts a college football game, making for a truly exhilarating trip.

It’s not too early to mark your calendars and reserve a private jet to college sports to see some of the most contentious match-ups in Midwest college football, as well as some of the other sporting events rounding out the summer…

Western Michigan v. Central Michigan (November 16)

University of Michigan v. Ohio State (November 26)

Michigan State v. University of Michigan (October 29)

World Series

PGA Tour Championships

Curious and thinking about taking a private jet to college sports? Visit us at and request a quote.