couple-dating-in-planeTraveling with your loved one can be a romantic, exciting adventure, so it’s no big surprise that private jet travel tends to rise around Valentine’s Day. In fact, according to one survey, Valentine’s Day travel is expected to increase 45 percent from last year.

Romantic destinations are always the way to go if you’re considering private jet travel with your sweetheart. Some of the most famous include Paris (of course!), Santorini, Greece, the sunny shores of Mexico, and anywhere in Hawaii! Traveling in a private yet is an exceptional travel choice for your special occasion, and  private jet travel beats first class, any day.

Private jet travel also makes the journey just as romantic as the destination. Let’s face it. Private jet travel—well, anywhere!—can be romantic. That’s because with private jet travel, you’ll have the aircraft all to yourself.  But if you’re flying around Valentine’s Day, there are at least ten more things we’ve found that you can do to make your trip incredibly romantic, whether you’re headed to Paris, France, or Paris, Tennessee!

Here is our list. However, be sure to coordinate your plans with your jet charter company so they can do their best to make the flight as romantic as possible.

1. Go Someplace Special!

Even if you can’t afford to travel somewhere exotic or iconic, like Paris, France, pick a closer spot with sentimental meaning to both of you. Jet away to a place that holds a cherished memory and relive it together. The definition of a “Romantic destination” is in the eye of the beholder!

2. Savor a Dinner at 30,000 feet.

Arrange for a gourmet meal on board the jet. Bring a catered meal or hire a private chef to prepare a special menu tailored to your preferences. We hear that all food tastes better on a private jet!

3. Toast your love!

Bring a selection of champagne or vintage wine and share fine spirits in an unforgettable setting. Is there a particular time of day that’s important to you, like the time you met? The time of your first date or when you fell in love? Any would be a great time to be in-air for a toast to your happiness.

4. Enjoy a good rom-com or love story.

With jet charter travel, you’re in charge of the in-flight entertainment. Bring your favorite movies to watch. Check with your charter company about the equipment on the plane and other power and technical specs to make sure you have everything you need for your plan.

5. Turn on a love song.

Get romantic with “your special song.” Feel free to slow dance in the aisles if the music moves you to do so. You won’t bother anyone!

6. Gaze at the stars.

The view from a private jet is always spectacular, but at night, it comes alive with the twinkling lights of the stars and the city lights below. Enjoy the clear skies at higher altitudes and take time to contemplate the world’s beauty together!

7. Pop the question.

Even though it happens often, there’s nothing cliché about popping the question on a private jet! The combination of an exceptional  setting and the unique privacy it brings is unbeatable.  And we haven’t seen anyone say “no” to an in-flight proposal yet!

8. Enjoy the sunrise or sunset.

If you time your private jet travel right, you can behold the daily dance of the sun over mountains, water, or another special place. You’ll even see your hometown in a different light when you view the sun rising or setting over it from the confines of your private jet.

9. Deck it out.

It’s Valentine’s Day, so don’t be afraid to introduce a little festivity you’re your private jet travel. Heart-shaped balloons and flowers are favorites among travelers who choose Valentine’s Day for their memorable trip.

10. Set the Mood.

Keep the lights dim and relax with your loved one. Bring along electronic candles for a romantic glow throughout the cabin. Control the environment to make the aircraft your private oasis until you reach your destination!

Here are only a few ways you can raise the romance factor in your private jet travel. Whatever you do for Valentine’s Day, we wish you a happy time with the one you love. And if we can help you schedule some romantic jet charter travel, please get in touch with us at 888-247-2834 to create a magical flight for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion!