The coronavirus has robbed us of social interaction and the ability for people to see the bottom halves of our full faces in public, but it doesn’t have to rob 2020 snowbirds of their trips down south. The beautiful technicolor fall splendor will soon be gone only to be replaced by the snowstorms, frigid temperatures and ongoing battles with the weather that winter brings. There’s no reason to cancel that trip; but you can improve upon it by making it as safe as possible.

Here’s three reasons to STILL be a snowbird in 2020:

  1. You are physically and mentally feeling good. By now we have all become pro’s at keeping ourselves safe by following the recommended guidelines provided by the CDC. If your doctor has no problem with your travel and you are at low risk, it is likely you will be able to travel. Just keep doing everything you need to do to keep yourself safe from the virus.
  2. There are currently no CDC restrictions on travel. Unlike countries such as Canada, the United States and the CDC have not imposed travel restrictions. However, states have set their own guidelines to be aware of before you travel.  The CDC provides all restrictions by state on their site along with plenty of advice and tips to follow while traveling. Although there are regulations by state, it is up to the individual to decide whether to follow the recommendations.
  3. You can fly in a private jet.

Some industry analysts say that the number of touchpoints that you will encounter during an average commercial flight is 700. Compare that with 20, the number of touchpoints those same experts say you will encounter on an average trip in a private jet.  There is a clear winner here.  Unlike commercial travel, there are limited passengers, no lines, no layovers, the same or better sanitary cabin “fresh air” system, and of course a flight schedule made-to-order!

Snowbirds, you’ve chosen where you want to spend the cold winter months. Now put the same thought into how you’ll get there. Make 2020 the time to experience luxury and convenience from RAI Jets, a charter company dedicated to the safety of our customers. Request a quote on your flight today!