From individual flight enthusiasts seeking aircraft ownership to corporate flight departments needing to expand their fleet, we can help locate and acquire a private aircraft to bring true value to the owner!

Working with RAI Jets to purchase your aircraft allows you to escape the stress and uncertainty of searching, inspecting and deciding on the right aircraft for your needs. We operate as independent consultants with access to a wide network of aircraft owners, maintenance facilities, pilots, and brokers.


Most people understand that buying a private jet is complicated but few people understand why.

  • They are high-performance machines that travel higher and faster than other aircraft and have many important items with strict safety standards.
  • FAA inspections and documentation is tracked with detail, requiring in-depth research to identify a suitable and properly inspected and tracked aircraft.
  • Only an expert can ensure you are buying an aircraft fit for flight.

RAI Jets does the upfront legwork to determine your needs, then locates and qualifies the right private aircraft for you. It couldn’t be easier!

Our initial “RAI-QUISITION” package includes:

  • A complete profile analysis of your needs
  • Full market analysis of available aircraft including new and pre-owned models
  • Target aircraft evaluation (including operating costs, needed repair, capabilities, etc.)
  • Location and presentation of qualified aircraft for your review

Once we have located an aircraft that suits your needs and fulfills your dreams, RAI Jets continues to help with:

  • Price negotiations, offer and acceptance
  • Contract liaison services
  • Pre-purchase inspection consultation and review
  • Pilots, test flights and flight demos
  • Closing


After the sale, we offer aircraft maintenance and/or aircraft management services  to continue to help you operate efficiently. We can even generate revenue for you when your aircraft is not in use by flying your aircraft on our Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate.  Ask us for details.

Call today to acquire your own private aircraft with RAI Jets. We would be happy to discuss your needs!