The Freedom of Aviation Management from RAI Jets

RAI Jets offers superior aircraft management to companies and discerning owners who want an efficient and well managed flight department, without the hassles of doing it themselves.  

In our hands, your aircraft will receive tender loving care from our experienced maintenance staff, along with economies of scale to lower insurance, fuel, maintenance, and training costs. We can manage just a portion of your aircraft’s needs or provide an entire suite of services for you.


  • Reduce Hassle. We make jet ownership effortless. Let us manage your aircraft while you run your business.
  • Reduce Overhead! We slash your budget by offering economies of scale for all of your aviation costs ….
    • Maintenance
    • Tracking and inspections
    • Insurance
    • Training staff and crew
    • Scheduling and Dispatch
    • Hangar Space
    • Industry Compliance
    • Sales and acquisition

and much more!

  • Let Us Charter Your Jet!  Save 30-50% on your operating costs by chartering your jet on our air carrier certificate. As a Part 135 operator, we do all the work for you. To explore possibilities for your aircraft, call us today.
  • We do it all! We can perform any and all services required by an in-house flight department, including in-house maintenance and inspections from our Part 145 Repair Station, RAI Jets Service Center. We are a resource for all things aviation for our clients!

How can aircraft management with RAI Jets impact your bottom line?  

We can help you make a cost effective decision for your aircraft’s needs. Contact us today  to discuss management with RAI Jets.