For those of us living in the northern part of the country weathering the snowfalls and frigid temperatures, flying away to a sunny destination sounds terrific right now. Many of us dream of catching some rays to melt away the sting of quarantine and remote learning and working. After all, we can continue our daily activities just as easily in warm temperatures bathed in sunlight on a deck as we can sitting inside our winter home, looking out on gray skies, cold, and ice.

So where are the sunniest spots in the country? Every year a host of companies rank the sunniest destinations in the U.S., although they differ, some of the same spots occur in the top 10 in several lists. And it just so happens that RAI Jets flies directly to them all, with the added value of safe, jet charter travel during COVID-19.  No need to deal with fellow passengers sitting too close for comfort or braving the long lines and hundreds of touchpoints necessary to fly commercially. Jet charter allows you to park and fly, on your own schedule. Your biggest decision is where to go.

Below are the top three standout sunny destinations are not only nationally ranked for their sunshine but are also loved by our customers. In other words, this is RAI’s list of top three sunny destinations in the country, with regard to national rankings as well!


We all know you can find sun in Arizona, but did you know that the town of Yuma is noted to be the sunniest place in America, with 90% sunny days? Yuma is nestled between San Diego, California and Phoenix, Arizona and offers unique cuisines, historic landmarks, outdoor adventures, and global events. With the Colorado River in its backyard there are plenty of walkable trails, water sports and scenic views.

Unsurprisingly, Phoenix is a close second with 85% sunny days. Located in the south-central part of Arizona, Phoenix is not only the capital but also the most populous city in Arizona. It’s a favorite destination for high-end spa resorts, pro-designed golf courses and a vibrant nightlife in addition to wonders like the Desert Botanical Garden and Camelback Mountain.

Other nearby sunny cities include Flagstaff, Tucson, and Sedona.


They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but we all wish that didn’t apply to the sun! Snagging our #2 spot with about 84% sunny days, trips to this desert destination slowed for a bit as conventions were cancelled, but vacationers and revelers kept it on their list of top places to visit for both the sun and the fun. Besides the casinos and swinging nightlife, there are wonderful natural attractions nearby like Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead as well as tourist attractions like the Hoover Dam. Visitors enjoy their time poolside as well as walking the town while taking in the wonderful sunshine.


Surprisingly coming in third, Florida definitely has its share of sunshine, with lots of cities in the 70-percent range of annual sunny days. The island of Key West leads the pack, with 76% sunny days, which is fitting since the town is the southern most city in Florida. On this unique island city, tourists can explore the clear waters of the gulf by snorkeling, diving, or sailing. Another popular “hot spot,” literally, is Miami, which stands as a gateway to the Florida Keys and experiences 73% sunny days. At RAI Jets, we have had many trips to Florida these days as vaccinated snowbirds escape the cold and return to their winter homes.



The Great State of Texas is another favorite destination of RAI Jets customers this time of year, and home to one of the country’s sunniest cities in the country– El Paso, Texas at 84%–although the big towns like Houston, Dallas, and Austin, pack powerful sunshine probability as well. 


A little colder than some of the sunny destinations on this list, Colorado ranks just below Florida, with the destinations of Pueblo, Grand Junction, and Denver boasting an average of 72% sunny days. In Colorado you can ski in the winter, hike in the spring and summer, and enjoy numerous events and festivals sprinkled in between. It may come in last in this list, but Colorado is a first-class choice destination of our customers.

Of all the sunny destinations in the country, you can’t go wrong with any of them.  RAI Jets will ensure a safe and relaxing trip south for sun, fun, or work. Contact us today. The sunshine awaits!