Golf season is here, and thankfully the courses are open this year. And for those curious about flying private jet charter for golfing, the opportunities are limitless!

Research shows that most golfers will travel to a favorite golf course, but most won’t drive more than four hours to get there. With that being the case, and more than 15,500 spectacular and challenging courses in the country to try, it makes sense that a golfer may hit a point where air travel starts to sound like a good idea. This is especially true if they reside in the Midwestern or northern U.S. where spring arrives slowly, and winter arrives before anyone’s ready for it!

That’s where private jet charter comes in. Sure, you could hop a commercial airline to reach your golfing destination, but there are some distinct advantages to considering jet charter when it comes to planning that next golf adventure out of your climate zone. Here’s the top four:

Fly on your schedule, into an airport closest to the course.

People choose jet charter so they can set their own schedule, without worrying about flight cancellations, long lines, intrusive security searches or flying in close quarters with strangers. Golfers flying by private charter can arrive at a convenient local airport (not a major metropolitan one) just miles from their dream course. That makes arrival and departure a breeze and a cross-country day trip a true possibility!

Split the cost and enjoy the ride.

Golf is a group game, so get your group together and split the cost of a private jet charter to a magnificent course! RAI Jets offers a fleet of aircraft to accommodate any of your golf travel needs. People typically find that jet charter is much more affordable than they originally thought, and the efficiency and luxury of traveling by jet charter can’t be beat. Best of all, there is no need to stay the night—you can golf in the morning and be home in time for dinner!

Clubs get first class treatment.

For golfers with special or very expensive clubs, having the extra loving care of traveling by private jet charter gives them peace of mind. Sharing the flight with their clubs ensures that their clubs will travel safely, as opposed to worrying about shipping and if the clubs will arrive safely at their destination. We work to accommodate both golfers AND their clubs!

Travel to the hard-to-reach courses.

If there’s a course you’ve been dying to try and it seems too far away or difficult to get to, that’s the perfect destination to visit by private jet charter! For example, recently RAI Jets has begun offering express service to Boyne Mountain golf, where 10 championship-caliber courses await the most intrepid golfers. With rolling hills and picturesque views of Lake Michigan, the courses are as beautiful as they are challenging. And while the nearest major airport is in Grand Rapids or Detroit, more than 100 miles away, a private charter airline can arrive at the property’s private airport, just miles from the course.

The links are calling! If you’ve ever considered private jet charter, know that it may be your best option to get to your dream course, no matter where it is. And at RAI Jets, we’d be happy to take you there!