It’s an interesting time to be in the aviation business. As the world took off their masks and started to travel again, many people thought…why not try charter? We’re glad they did and we’re thankful for our new friends who have discovered the convenience, luxury, and true value in charter service, even in the wake of a pandemic. We wish you a prosperous end to 2021! See you in the skies!

–Your RAI Jets Team

RAI Jet plane

Early Bird Gets the…Plane?

Need to book a flight? Don’t wait! We are seeing a shortage of available aircraft due to customers who are willing to bend their schedules and preferences to book a flight. Waiting is out, booking is in. The lesson? Book now or there may not be a plane later! Call us today to get quotes on flights for next year.

Welcome Kevin Dingman!

RAI Jets is pleased to welcome Pilot Kevin Dingman to our team! When Kevin was 16, he experienced his first solo flight at the aviation company who occupied the same building that RAI Jets owns now. He has flown for more than 50 years, accumulating 25,000 hours of experience in single and multi-engine jets, between his extensive military experience and 31 years with American Airlines. He retired as a Boeing 737 Captain. Kevin has also been a writer for Twin & Turbine magazine for 11 years and has authored 170 articles! He also flies his personal aircraft, a Beechcraft Duke, for the Christian organization, “Wings of Mercy.” Welcome, Kevin!

Pilot Kevin Dingman
Veteran Pilot

RAI Jets Salutes Our Vets!

We’ve always been proud of the veterans who work here at RAI Jets! This year we dedicated our blog to those in our ranks who have served our country bravely. Read it and learn about their service and how their experiences help them do their work at RAI Jets.

The Team That Plays Together…

After a record-breaking summer of jet charter, this fall the RAI team took time to celebrate, kick back and have a little fun. We enjoyed a movie night out to see Mission Impossible 7 and held an employee cookout which featured lots of food, a putting game, a remote control car and a bags tournament. Evidently, the RAI Jets team can play as hard as we work!

RAI team
RAI team