Welcome to our Citation X!

Have you heard about our new arrival? In April, RAI added a Citation X to our fleet, one of the fastest civilian jets available for business and charter travel! But not just ANY Citation X. This famous super mid-size jet, known for its Mach .935 (MMO) maximum speed, was once owned by famous record-breaking aviator Steve Fossett. He used the jet to break the cross country speed record for flight from San Diego to Charleston, South Carolina in under three hours, at an average speed of 726.83 mph. It’s at our hangar and waiting for your next flight! Call us today for a quote!

RAI Hosts MBAA/WMBAA Education Initiative

On April 6, we were honored to host the MBAA/WMBAA Education Initiative 2017 event at our hangar. This was a wonderful opportunity for aspiring aviators, particularly from nearby Western Michigan University, to meet others in the industry. A round-table discussion and mock interviews by aviation professionals gave students a chance to build their career skills. Of course another big attraction was our static aircraft on display. If you are seeking a venue for your next special event, please contact Christina at RAI Jets.

New Aircraft, New Training!

Did you know that pilots must be specially trained for every aircraft they fly? With the addition of the Cessna Citation X to our fleet, our RAI pilots are required by the FAA to complete approved flight training. Our pilots are trained at FlightSafety International, a leader in international flight training since 1951. The first pilots to be trained for our Citation X are Brian Riley and Darwin Dickerson. Brian spent three weeks in Orlando, learning about the aircraft systems and emergency procedures, including 40 hours in the simulator and intensive classroom instruction. RAI will be training other pilots too as we ramp up our charter of the Citation X. If you’d like to experience it for yourself, contact us today for a quote.