Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions!

We hope your 2024 is off to a great start! Remember, if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to take that dream trip or to work more efficiently, jet charter might be the key to keeping your resolutions! We’d love to help. See you in the skies!

David Riley, Kay Scohy, Brian Riley, Becky Riley-Bakeman, Christina Riley-Kline

David Riley, Kay Scohy, Brian Riley, Becky-Riley Bakeman, Christina Riley-Kline

Big Changes at RAI Jets Maintenance

Our maintenance department is growing and changing! We have a new Director of Maintenance, Dave Lillie, and now add service to Cessna Citation 560/XLS to our offerings. Check it all out on our new maintenance page on our website, or our blog, which explains why we are your Cessna Citation specialists in Michigan!


Congrats to Ken and Kevin!

For our pilots, training is ongoing but always a worthwhile accomplishment. Congratulations to our Captains Ken Richcreek (left) and Kevin Dingman (middle) who are pictured here with FlightSafety Pilot Examiner Steve Schifani (far right) after completing the CE-650 training class at their San Antonio facility. Their dedication and professionalism keep our passengers flying safely, every day!


Fly Easy with the “Life of Riley”

Are you a frequent flyer? If so, our “Life of Riley” Jet Card is an excellent way to budget your flight time. Jet card flyers purchase flight time in advance at a set rate, so when you’re ready to fly, just use your balance. No quote necessary! Our card makes it even easier with four levels to match your personal and business needs, and no membership fees or long-term contracts. Want to learn more? Contact us at 800-247-2834.

You’ll sleep like a baby aboard an RAI Jets flight! See you on board!


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