Haunted-RunwayAmerican airports are one of the last places you’d expect to find a ghost. Airports are busy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Thousands of people fly by aircraft charter and commercial jet and travel through airports across the United States each day.  However, there have been reports of feeling a chill or an unexplained tap on the shoulder, or seeing or hearing unexplained noises in an airport that had nothing to do with a screaming baby, passengers rushing by, or a toddler kicking their seat from behind. So, in the spirit of the season we’ve put together a fun list of haunted happenings in America’s airspaces, so fasten your seat belt and grab your loved one. Let’s explore five of America’s most haunted airports.

1 . Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, Honolulu, Hawaii

In the heart of paradise, legend has it that the Honolulu airport is haunted by a woman in a white dress. They call her the “lady in waiting” because people at the airport have reported seeing her peering out onto the runway, waiting.  She often appears in restricted areas and is described as a female with blonde hair in a white dress. Her story tells us she had fallen for a man who promised to marry her but never returned.  She was so distraught that she killed herself.  Now she haunts the airport, waiting for his arrival. While she is often seen waiting, other things have happened that have been attributed to her or other ghosts. There have been reports of unraveling toilet paper, toilet seats slamming, a figure riding in the airport shuttle after midnight, and a ghost that sits on people’s chest as if to choke them. If you dare to explore this haunted airport, make sure you pack your nerves of steel along with that Hawaiian shirt.

2. Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, Georgia

Although the Savannah/Hilton Head airport is the second busiest airport in Georgia, it’s not too busy for paranormal activity.  Legend has it that if you land right after sundown, two figures will appear along the north side of the runway. These figures may be Richard and Catherine Dotson, former owners of the land the airport was built upon. They may just be coming to see who is arriving to the city, just steps from their grave.

3. Denver International Airport, Colorado

The Denver Airport is said to have been built on an ancient Native American burial ground.  With such a history, how can the airport not be said to be haunted? People have reported hearing chanting, seeing weird apparitions, and noticing other disturbing things at the airport.  Perhaps the most visceral reminder of the airport’s past is the frightening blue mustang statue known as “Blucifer,” that stands 32 feet tall, with flaming red eyes. Once commissioned to represent the spirit of the old west, the 9,000-pound statue reportedly fell on its artist, Luis Jiménez killing him. For those who know the story, Blucifer’s presence is chilling as well as awesome.

4. Chandler Airport Fresno, California

Once a mainstay in California, Chandler airport is home to ghost stories galore. There have been reports of people walking through the terminal wall. Others have witnessed an elderly man in the control tower, apparently watching invisible planes take off and land. In addition, strange noises have been heard in the airport’s restaurant. There is a report from the kitchen staff that they heard a rattling noise while cleaning up one night. They witnessed a plate travel across the counter and fall onto the floor. There was no evident force on the plate from an airplane taking off or an earthquake. Paranormal investigators have even had successful communication with ghosts there.

5. Duluth International Airport, Minnesota

Security guards have reported seeing the ghostly figure of a woman killed near the airport.  They say she is searching for her killer who fled into the terminal after stabbing her.  She now roams the airport and is thought to be responsible for setting off alarms and opening and closing doors. For security guards, it’s not only a haunted airport but an unsolved crime too.

Airports are likely not everyone’s go to ghost hotspot, but RAI Jets services more than 5,000 airports (regardless of haunt status) with our jet charter services. For a quote to your favorite Halloween getaway, visit our website or give RAI Jets a call today at (800)247-2834.