Mujang KangMeet Mujung Kang, a line service apprentice at RAI Jets and a soon-to-be graduate from Western Michigan University (WMU) majoring in aviation technical operations.

Originally from South Korea, Mujung was drawn to Western Michigan University because of its amazing scholarship opportunities for international students. Last fall, he applied for the internship at RAI Jets on a recommendation from his instructor to gain real-world experience and learn from experienced professionals in the field.

Mujung was eager to make the most of this opportunity. He started as a line service apprentice, learning how to clean and service the planes at RAI Jets before they depart for their charter destinations. He said he enjoys working for RAI Jets because of the company’s friendly atmosphere and working environment. After graduation, Mujung is excited to begin working full time at RAI Jets![KD2] [KD3]

Mujung’s passion for aviation stems from his love of machines and how they work. He finds joy in learning new things about airplanes and feels proud when passengers and pilots have a safe and enjoyable flight.

“Airplanes are combinations of all kinds of engineering, and it even looks cool,” he said. “At first, I started studying to be a pilot at WMU, but I found that the mechanic aspect of the industry is more attractive to me.”

One of Mujung’s proudest professional moments at RAI Jets was when he was able to use his experience working in a school café to suggest a special stain remover to restore the coffee heaters aboard the planes. “My supervisor liked that and we are still using that cleaning product today,” he said.

RAI Jets’ internship program is a testament to their commitment to the aviation industry and the future generation of aviation professionals. By partnering with Western Michigan University College of Aviation and welcoming passionate interns like Mujung Kang, RAI Jets is providing invaluable mentorship and opportunities for interns to gain hands-on experience.

If you know of an aviation student who may be interested in an internship at RAI Jets, contact us for an application.