happy-faily-with-dog-riding-planeFirst Class vs. Private Charter Flight: Ten Reasons to Switch

Are you a frequent first-class flyer on the commercial airlines? If so, you are probably as concerned with the experience of your flight as you are with getting somewhere safely. You’ve probably also wondered as you booked your latest first class flight during COVID-19,  “Should I be flying private charter instead? Is there really a big difference?”

Reaching out for an estimate on a charter flight only gives you one measure of the difference between the two modes of travel—the cost. And—spoiler alert!–you will find the cost of a private flight several times more than that of a first-class ticket. But if you compare the other ways the flights differ, you may see that not only does private charter offer an experience completely unlike first class, but it may be well worth the price difference!

In 2020, the number of private flights in the U.S. reached 1.66 million and 2021 is expecting to exceed that. So with so many people choosing private charter over first-class flights, there’s bound to be a good reason, right?

Actually, we can think of at least 10 incredibly desirable and exciting reasons why private charter is preferable over first-class seating on the commercial airlines. We hope by giving you this information you may be able to make a better decision when making arrangements for your next flight—or should we say, flight experience!

  1. Leave from your preferred FBO at a municipal airport rather than from a major airport. This is a big difference when flying jet charter that will save you lots of time and money in the long run. Leaving from a less crowded, congested airport means you drive up, get out of your car and board the plane. No parking hassles and no long lines for check-in and TSA security. If you put a price on all the time you spend commuting to and from the airport and waiting to board, you will get a more accurate picture of what departing from a commercial airline “really” costs! An added bonus is that the smaller airport where you arrive may be quite a bit closer to your final destination than the nearest major airport, and away from the typical major airport congestion. You’ll be off the plane and on your way in a flash, once again saving time and money on the arrival side as well!
  2. No Masks. That’s something you don’t hear that often nowadays! But it’s your flight, so it’s your rules.
  3. Stress-free child transportation. Kids enjoy our private jets as much as their parents do! Onboard there is plenty of room for them to bring their favorite toys and games. If you have a child/children with special needs, there will be no glaring looks from strangers or uncomfortable exchanges. Part of the benefit you get with jet charter is being in control of your environment.
  4. Cuddle up…with those you choose! Now in the pandemic, even those cushy, comfy first-class seats don’t provide the social distancing that makes us all comfortable. Not so on your own private jet. You’ll love the peace of mind that comes with the privilege of traveling only with people you know.
  5. Bring your golf clubs. One of the wonderful perks of flying private charter over first-class is the ability to bring the luggage you want, including sporting equipment. No cumbersome check-ins and extra fees. We just load into our cargo holds.
  6. Bring your pet—into the cabin! That’s right. On private flights, pets are allowed in the cabin since you are renting the entire aircraft. Imagine the difference in your pet’s comfort between riding on your lap with you for a several-hour trip versus separation from you in a crate loaded into a strange cargo hold. Is the private jet worth it, yet?
  7. Seating Options. Jet charter companies will tell you that one of the benefits of traveling with an executive team is the ability to meet as a team, and your seating options on a private jet make this possible. Depending on the seats in your jet, everyone doesn’t have to remain facing the front of the plane. Comfortable, face-to-face meetings or conversations can take place in comfort, with lots of table space to spread out or put your laptop.
  8. Flight meals to order. Depending on your commercial flight, first-class fare ranges from satisfactory to impressive. However, it can’t really compare to a catered meal and beverages to your specifications which is what you typically receive on a private flight. Now in the middle of a pandemic, when food service is being cut on many airlines, you have the option to enjoy something that you might not be offered otherwise on a first-class flight. And, once again, if you are traveling with children, being able to order their favorite meal for them to enjoy during the flight could be a great comfort to them as well. Gourmet cook yourself? Just bring your meal aboard with you!
  9. Beautiful bathrooms. No more squeezing into an ugly, narrow broom closet of a space when nature calls. The facilities on most private jets are surprisingly luxurious and give you both space and aesthetics.
  10. And finally, everyone’s favorite reason to fly charter…no scheduling surprises! Even when you’re flying first class, you are still flying on a commercial airline. Flight changes and delays are inevitable. However, when you’re on your own private flight, you are in control of the schedule and you pick the departure and arrival time. can also easily arrange an overnight visit with departures at your own convenience. Or, you can travel to your destination and home within the same day, rather than having to spend the night because none of the major airlines have a flight for you till morning. You set the time of your arrivals and departures, not the airlines. No more waking up at the crack of dawn or sitting around for hours in order to catch the next inconvenient commercial flight back home.

So when you are trying to determine whether to do a first-class flight or charter a private jet, be sure to understand that the difference between the two options is more than wallet deep! Time savings, comfort, and other intangible advantages may help you make the best decision. And if your travel plans mean jet charter is in your future, we invite you to reach out to RAI Jets at 800-247-2834 or request a quote  online. We are dedicated to bringing you the best private flight experience in the industry!