It’s no exaggeration to say that COVID-19 has dramatically affected air travel in this country, leading to cancelled flights, layoffs, and even bankruptcy. Who would ever had thought that commercial air travelwould ever become such a concern?

Many people who once wondered about jet charter have taken the plunge and given us a call. What awaits them is a cleaner, healthier way to travel that is almost completely in control of the passenger. Charter passengers travel where they want, choose their fellow travelers and can cuddle up or social distance, as they wish. Plus, the air they breathe is probably cleaner than that of any other form of transportation!

Air filtration systems have become a hot topic when it comes to air travel during COVID-19.  After all, they are responsible for keeping the harmful contaminates from infiltrating the cabin air. There are three different air filtration systems operating in planes today, according to  Textron, the maker of the Cessna Citation jets flown at RAI Jets.

The Ionization System

A component is placed on an air duct and electronically removes germs, etc. from the air. The system produces positive and negative ions from hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the water vapor in the air and the ions cluster around germs and other airborne particles. The natural reaction takes care of odors and deactivates pathogens.

Partial Recirculation System

Fresh air fills the cabin while a small percentage of air from the cabin is reused.

Air enters from the outside and is heated by the engine, killing germs, etc. The air is then cooled to cabin temperature. The air enters the cabin through distribution ducts and exits through outflow valves.

Any reused air is pushed through a HEPA filter which blocks contaminates from entering cabin air. The recirculated air mixes with the fresh and reenters the cabin. This usually takes four minutes to complete a cycle.

The Citation jets in our fleet all use fresh air systems, where fresh air is pushed into the cabin.

Fresh Air Systems

This type of system focuses on circulation of fresh air from outside the cabin. Air enters, is heated by the engine, killing germs, bacteria, and viruses, then cooled to cabin temperature and distributed throughout the cabin. Air exits the aircraft at the aft through outflow valves. No recirculation or filter is required and one full cycle can take less than two minutes to complete.

One thing all these air filtration systems have in common is that they will keep the air you breathe clean.  RAI Jets is committed to the health and safety of our passengers, not only with our “fresh air” aircraft systems but also in our adherence to CDC regulations, from provided face masks to having the highest standard of cleanliness between each flight, including MicroShield 360®—treated jets. RAI Jets is ready to give you a safe, efficient flight for business or pleasure, to make air travel during COVID-19 worry free!  Give us a call: 800-247-2834 or check out our website for more information.