N71AAAlthough empty leg  one-way jet charter flights are not the first thing people think of when they consider private aviation, they are one way to fly to your destination at a discount.

Most Part 135 operators, like RAI Jets, have some one-way flights available occasionally. We especially see them in the fall and spring when snowbirds book their trip to their vacation home and fly down one way for the winter or return home in the spring or summer with no return flight plans. We also call these “empty leg flights” because no passengers are scheduled to fly on the return trip home. That’s where you come in!

Our Dilemma is Your Discount

One-way jet charter flights pose a challenge for jet charter companies. The operator is motivated to fill the empty return flight because it is always more efficient to make a trip with passengers. Therefore, these empty leg one-way jet charter flights are often discounted. Typically, these flights leave from a specific area and are discounted anywhere from 30-75% off the regular price of the charter.

However, even after the discount, the final fare of a one-way jet charter flight may still be a four or five-figure investment depending on your aircraft and destination. Yet there are very few other ways to receive discount pricing in the luxury market unless you are a frequent traveler and want to consider jet cards. If not, it’s worth checking out the availability of our empty leg one-way jet charter flights. You will be happy to know that you are filling an aircraft that would otherwise fly without passengers.

It’s important to know that empty leg one-way jet charter flights are different than other flights in many significant ways. Here are the top ten you should know before booking that one-way jet charter flight.

1. You will enjoy the same luxury experience on a empty leg one-way jet charter flight as on any other.

Despite your discounted fare, you will enjoy the same luxurious, quality, safe flight you would receive if you had booked the flight both ways. That includes wonderful amenities like privacy, legroom, hassle-proof boarding, ample luggage space, and much more.

2. You will control the environment of your flight.

As with any charter, you control the passenger list on your flight and the environment. Play your favorite music or watch your favorite show.

3. Special requests are still honored.

Check with your charter operator, but usually special concierge requests like ground transportation, special food and beverages onboard, etc. will be available.

4. One-way jet charter flights are ideal for last-minute travel.

Certainly, you can book a one-way jet charter flight in advance, but the closer to departure date you book the empty leg, the less likely it is for the original passenger to change their plans. One-way flights are always contingent on the schedule of the passenger who books the first leg of the flight.

5. It’s best to be flexible about your flight.

If you hope to fly in a specific model jet or leave from a particular airport, you may have to compromise when booking an empty leg one-way jet charter flight. The arrangements and the rate will be partially determined by the type of aircraft and destination choice of the person on the first flight.

6. Some destinations have more one-way jet charter flights than others.

The most common one-way flight destinations are warm-weather states like Arizona, California and Florida. Also, because RAI Jets is based in central Michigan, we often have one-way jet charter flights available and returning to our home base.

7. Departure times are flexible…to a point.

When you book a one-way jet charter flight, we will ask you for your desired departure time. Most operators will expect your departure time to be fairly close to the aircraft’s arrival time. Expecting a next-day departure for the same rate is not realistic.

8. Departure airports can be flexible.

Be sure to check with your operator, but often, one-way jet charters can depart from a different airport. At RAI Jets, anywhere within the area (for example, a larger or smaller airport within miles) is acceptable for drop-off or pick-up.

9. One-way jet charter flights are available to one passenger or a group.

The best way to discount your charter flight even further is to invite friends to share the expense. There’s nothing like traveling with a plane full of your best friends.

And finally….

10. The best way to find available empty leg one-way jet charter flights is to stay in touch!

We are excited to have a dedicated page on our website devoted to our oneways. Check it now and check back often as we post our oneways as they become available.

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If your needs are more traditional and you’re looking to book a jet charter flight now, call us at 800-247-2834 to discuss your needs. Whether a one-way jet charter flight or a roundtrip, we can help!