Silhouettes,Of,Soldiers,Saluting,On,Background,Of,Sunset,Or,SunriseIt’s no secret that RAI Jets has a history of hiring veterans. RAI Jets has veteran roots. Our company was founded by the Riley family, including Brian Riley, a U. S. Army veteran who served his country flying a UH1 (Huey) out of Fort Hood, Texas, and as a member of the Michigan Army National Guard. RAI Jets helps out with Talons Out dinners, which precede Honor Flights, and even recently hosted a “Rosie the Riveter” honor flight.

Not all of our pilots are veterans, but there are many in our ranks. Some still serve in the Reserves, even as they fly for us. We salute them with gratitude for their service to our country. We also notice the special sauce they bring to their position. When we want to add more pilots to our ranks and consider hiring a veteran, we know we can expect certain things from them. And they never disappoint!

There are many reasons veterans make excellent civilian pilots, especially for jet charter at RAI Jets. Here are just a few of them.

Veterans bring extensive flight experience. Most come to us with more than the 1,500 flight hours we require to fly with us, as well as knowledge of various aircraft. Some have served active duty and acquired the accompanying advanced skill level required for their mission. Hiring veterans makes us feel confident that the pilot will provide a safe, enjoyable flight for our customers.

Veterans are accustomed to rigorous training. While veterans may come to RAI Jets with a strong background in flying specific aircraft, they must complete additional certification training to fly our jets. The mental demands of learning everything needed to know to fly different aircraft are significant. Veterans are agile learners and assimilate new information quickly and purposefully.

Veterans have a well-formed work ethic. Discipline is the hallmark of military personnel in all service branches.  Our veteran pilots are consistently hardworking and approach each flight with attention to detail. Hiring veterans assures us of a pilot with a solid work ethic.

Veterans are leaders. Our Captains are the leaders of the passengers and crew onboard a charter flight. Most veterans come to us with considerable leadership experience and leadership development skills.  They are used to making quick decisions and managing crew members and resources effectively. We can depend on them as a leader of every flight.

Veterans handle crises well. Another desirable trait in an aircraft captain is the ability to handle any situation. Military personnel undergo training in handling high-stress situations and often have practice making critical decisions under pressure. Hiring veterans means should a problem arise, our customers will be in good hands.

Veterans understand the importance of procedures. Military aviation is highly structured and rule-based so hiring veterans is always a comfortable fit for our charter operation. The FAA has strict rules and regulations about all aspects of every charter flight. Following standard operating procedures and checklists is second nature to most veterans and results in a safer flight for our charter customers.

Veterans understand the need for a safety culture. The military necessarily places a strong emphasis on safety and risk management. A similar culture exists at RAI Jets for all of our charter flights. Safety is our number one priority, and veterans respect and honor that mission.

We’re proud of hiring veterans at RAI Jets, as well as military personnel who now bring their aviation skills to the civilian world. You can find today’s former Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, and Space Force pilots flying in charter operations, commercial airlines, emergency transport services, and so much more. We’re glad that hiring veterans gives ex-service personnel the opportunity share their skills and leadership with everyone who flies RAI Jets.