dog-staring-at-the-window-on-a-planeWhat’s so great about flying in a private jet?  How about not having to rush to an airport three hours early, wait in endless lines just to check in, sit crammed in the middle seat of economy class, or have your flight suddenly cancelled. You won’t have to worry about any of these things when you choose private jet charter.

Then there are the endless Instagram worthy moments, and the chance to feel like a celebrity, if only for the duration of the flight.  But that’s not all. Aside from a major boost to your social media accounts, there are things you experience flying privately that you will never experience on a commercial flight, even if you normally fly first class!

Here’s the top 25:

  1. Set your own schedule. Tell us when you’d like to leave, and we’ll try to make it happen.
  2. Arrive at 8:55 for a 9:00 flight. Unlike commercial flights, there is no need to arrive hours before take-off. Just drive up to the plane, load the bags, and off you go.
  3. Determine your departure point. We fly to you or you can leave from our hangar. It’s great to have choices!
  4. Run late without missing your flight. Things happen. If you’re stuck in traffic or inadvertently delayed, the plane will not take off until you get there.
  5. Family-with-a-pet-dog-on-a-planeBring your pet. No need to leave “fido” at home or subject him to a lonely ride, separated from you, in a cargo hold. You can travel with your pet easily, although you may be subject to extra cleaning fees or for any damage done to the interior of the aircraft.
  6. Let kids be kids. Bring your children and they will enjoy having room to spread out, do schoolwork, or play with their toys without the disapproving stares of strangers.
  7. Listen to your music/movie out loud. It’s a luxury to be on a plane and listen to your movie or music without earbuds or headphones. Go ahead and turn up the volume! You won’t disturb any strangers.
  8. Play a musical instrument. Need to get in some practice time on the way to the gig? All portable instruments are welcome, except maybe a piano or drum set.
  9. Take off your shoes. It’s the little things that make the difference! When you’re flying in a private jet you can take off your shoes and relax. It’s your flight and yours alone!
  10. Stretch out your legs. Legroom on a private jet is incredible. For taller and larger people, the comfort can’t be beat.
  11. Take a walk. Although there may be times you will need to be seated, you can feel free to roam the cabin without hitting other people’s elbows as you pass through the aisles. For people with circulation issues, this is an extra plus!
  12. Enjoy the Silence. Fly without screaming babies, awkward conversations, and banging on the back of your seat. Breathe, close your eyes, and enjoy the retreat of flying in a private jet.
  13. “Go” without the wait. Your very own “throne” awaits you. No sharing a bathroom with hundreds of other people or waiting in line in front of someone’s seat.
  14. Eat what you want. You can determine the menu—or bring your own—onto the flight. Order fine dining from our concierge service or pick up a pizza on your way to your flight. Either way, it’s your decision.
  15. Pick the best seat in the plane. When you’re flying in a private jet, you can sit in any seat you want. And you’re always guaranteed your favorite position–a window or an aisle!
  16. business-meeting-on-a-planeHold a business meeting. Flying in a private jet allows you and your colleagues to stay productive during travel. Put the finishing touches on the presentation, review the game plan, or make quick changes before you land. You’ll be able to meet facing each other to comfortably converse and share screens.
  17. Hold a private conversation. Something serious to discuss with your loved one? You can do it without busybody eavesdroppers in the seats in front and back of you.
  18. Propose to your sweetheart. Yes, we’ve seen proposals while on board our private flights at RAI Jets. Flying in a private jet for this special moment offers privacy and a romantic, memorable experience!
  19. Make an impression. Flying a private jet to a business meeting is a power move. Nothing says “success” more to your prospective client than landing in a private jet.
  20. Enjoy concierge. RAI Jets accepts special requests for your flight. Whether you want your favorite beverage, a fine dining experience, or a hotel shuttle or car rental awaiting you at your destination, our concierge services can make it happen for you.
  21. Bring large and numerous bags. There’s no extra charge for baggage, or awkward items like sporting equipment or oversized bags.
  22. Be extra safe. Jet charter companies like RAI Jets are subject to strict FAA regulations. Our jets are well-maintained by highly-experienced FAA-approved technicians and piloted by distinguished pilots in command. Also, your safety from other passengers is guaranteed as you are the one in charge of the passenger list.
  23. Skip the baggage claim. If you bring multiple bags, they’ll be unloaded and handed directly to you after you get off the flight. It’s yet another way jet charter saves you time.
  24. older-man-with-a-caught-fishLand closer to your destination. Private jets can land at municipal airports which are typically much, much closer to smaller towns and remote locations than the major airports. Plus, you’ll be in and out of the smaller airports without the typical traffic and congestion of the major airports.
  25. Visit multiple locations in one day. Private jets are great for business or leisure trips where multiple stops need to be made in a single day. Efficiency is one of the main reasons companies book their business travel with RAI Jets.

The best part of flying in a private jet is that for many people, it is truly a dream come true. We love to work with first time private jet passengers who have decided that the value in booking a jet charter over a commercial airline flight is worth the premium price. Call RAI Jets or go to our website for more information.  Let’s book that flight today at (800) 247-2834.