man-with-shopping-bags-in-front-of-a-planeSummertime is the time to kick back and enjoy a little adventure. Of course, the destination is the main consideration for any trip, but also how you choose to get there. Road trips can be quirky, rugged fun, but booking a private jet can make a special vacation even more special by adding a touch of class and luxury to your travel experience.

This month, we’ve compiled our top ten reasons to book a private jet for that upcoming summer trip.

1. Enjoy your Privacy.

When you’re planning a vacation, you don’t share a beach house with a family you don’t know, so why share an aircraft? With a private jet, you have the entire aircraft to yourself and your preferred guests. Work, relax, or have confidential conversations without distractions.

2. Set Your Own Schedule and Route.

When you book a private jet, you can choose departure times and destinations, and even change your plans at short notice. Add a special stop to someplace you’ve always wanted to see or visit multiple stops in one day. Most folks are surprised at how much time a jet charter flight can save.

3. Skip the Airport Hassle.

We all know what going to the airport means: arriving two hours in advance by cab or with a car that you must park and shuttle to the airport, checking your luggage, waiting in the security line with dozens of strangers, then waiting at the gate to board, hoping that your flight won’t be canceled. You need not be concerned with any of these when you book a private jet.

4. Customize Your Experience.

Your flight is your own, and jet charter companies like RAI Jets offer a personalized experience tailored to your specific needs and preferences. You can select the type of aircraft that suits your requirements, choose in-flight amenities, and even request particular meals or beverages.

5. Enjoy Freedom of Entertainment.

Forget the headphones. Play your music or movie out loud. Spread out a board game or play cards over our cabin tables. Bring your guitar.  Enjoy the freedom of having your own flight and controlling the environment.

6. Comfort and Luxury.

Every seat is first class on a private jet. Recline in the buttery leather luxury seats and sprawl out without annoying a stranger. Stretch your legs without hitting your neighbor’s footrest. Enjoy every minute of the journey.

7. Safety and Security.

Private jet companies  undergo stringent safety regulations, maintenance protocols, and FAA inspections. With FAA-certified Part 135 operators like RAI Jets, you can have peace of mind knowing you are flying in a well-maintained aircraft with experienced and trained pilots.

8. Always Fly Direct.

When you book a private flight, the only layovers and connections are those you want to have. If you book a private jet, you will arrive as close as possible to your final destination and never take an unnecessary detour for someone else’s convenience.

9. Travel with Pets.

When you book a charter flight, your special family member  can ride on your lap rather than in a carrier. Their trip will be as comfortable as yours!

10. Bring Your Gear.

Charter flights are a sportsman’s dream! You can safely transport your golf clubs, oversized fishing nets, poles, camping gear, etc.,  without worry. You can also fly into remote spots to try that exclusive golf course or fish in pristine waters for your largest catch.

These are ten good reasons to expect higher than commercial rates when you book a private jet, however they are also the same ten reasons that explain why the premium is worth the cost. And the easiest and most economical way to pay for a jet charter is with the Life of Riley Jet Card, which allows you to purchase blocks of flight time to use at will.

So if the benefits of jet charter align with your needs and budget, booking a private jet for this summer’s vacation is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss! Contact us today for a quote on your next flight.