Charter-A-Private-JetThe annual ritual of flying home for the holidays is something some of us look forward to and some of us dread. Traveling during peak times can be challenging, beginning with the air traffic itself. Nearly half of Americans (48%) are expected to travel this holiday season, which is an increase from 31% last year, according to a Deloitte survey. An increase in traffic at the airport means longer security lines, more time to park, and more crowded planes.

Then there’s the packing. Packing for your flight home for the holidays may challenge your organizational skills. We all strive to get everything into the travel-on bag to skip the luggage carousel at the destination and get to the festivities sooner. However, it might be next to impossible between presents, dressier clothes, and other holiday items.

While it may seem there is no other travel alternative but flying commercial to visit loved ones hundreds of miles away, there is another way: Charter a private jet for your holiday trip.

Charter a Private Jet for Holiday Freedom

The idea of flying privately may be an unusual option, but it’s one that many people take advantage of at holiday time.  Chartering a private jet allows you to move and breathe onboard your plane. All of your Christmas dreams of a quiet flight home with plenty of legroom will come true. And you can travel with whomever you’d like; it’s your flight, and you set the passenger list.

Another happy result of chartering a private jet is the lifted restrictions on your packing. Our jets have plenty of room for luggage, and there’s never an extra charge. When you charter a private jet, you can bring many things with you without the restrictions you would normally face on a commercial flight. For example….

Liquids in Larger Quantities. On commercial flights, only bottles of liquids three-ounces (100 milliliters) or less are allowed in carry-on bags. When you charter a private jet, you needn’t worry about the size of your liquid toiletry bottles. You can even bring along cases of wine or champagne for that big New Year’s Eve party if you wish.

Large Gifts or Fragile Items. There is no need to mail those last-minute gifts. Take along as many presents as you want on your flight when you charter a private jet. We can easily secure your bulky stuffed animals, life-sized dancing Santas, giant Christmas wreaths, or whatever other crazy festive present you need to transport home to your loved ones. There’s lots of room on board for your shows of love.

Oversized Luggage. Bring as many bags as you want and make them as large as you need. Our jets have dedicated storage places for luggage within the bowels of the aircraft itself, with additional temperature-controlled capacity in the cabin. Your luggage can even sit behind you, strapped into an empty seat if necessary.

Pets. A boarding shelter is no place for your beloved pet to spend the holidays. Bring them along when you charter a private jet! There may be some special rules depending on your animal, but we can typically accommodate your fur babies aboard in comfort in the cabin with you.

Greenery. It’s difficult to transport a houseplant on a commercial flight, but if you charter a private jet, it’s easy. For extended trips, our customers have taken advantage of the opportunity to bring their favorite foliage and keep it alive during their time away.

Charter a Private jet as a Gift to Yourself

Even though a private flight may be a splurge, the holidays are a time it may make the most sense for convenience and practicality. The value of our time multiplies over the holidays; so many of us have a lot of people to see and things to do with very little time to do it. Making multiple stops in one trip is another advantage when you charter a private jet.

If you are traveling home for the holidays, we wish you a wonderful flight no matter how you travel.  May the magic of the season touch you and those around you. And if that magic includes the possibility of chartering a private jet, we hope you call us at 800-247-2834 for a quote so we have the opportunity to serve you.