N71AAWhile 2021 was another roller coaster year for most businesses thanks to the pandemic, it wasn’t a bad year for jet charter. As 2022 rolls in, private jet charter is still experiencing record sales throughout the industry and an increased popularity within new markets. In fact, analysts are predicting the market to rise through 2027.

Every year brings its own unique challenges to every business and private jet charter is no exception. If booking a charter flight is in your future, here’s what you need to know to navigate the industry as it stands today.

Book early or miss out.

The early worm gets the aircraft these days! Thanks to increased demand because of COVID-19 and changing attitudes towards charter travel, flights are going quickly. Today it is more essential than ever before to book your jet charter flight as soon as you have your dates set. This is particularly true for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Spring Break, etc. when demand has always been high for charter flights. As soon as you know when you’re ready to go, request a quote!

COVID protocols are still in place.

One of the most appealing parts of flying privately during a pandemic is that you control the environment and the passenger list. This is still true throughout the industry and especially at RAI Jets. We continue to honor COVID protocols and special requests that will make the flight more comfortable for you during this time. Passengers rest easy knowing the aircraft in our fleet offer cabins with safe air filtration and other precautions for making your charter flight during COVID as risk free as possible. We are confident we are doing all we can to keep our passengers healthy during their time with us.

Fares and fees are always subject to Environment, Social and Government pressures (ESG).

Aviation, and especially jet charter, has always been a very highly regulated industry and ESG continues to have a rising presence there. Changes in legislation could theoretically affect taxes or fees associated with your private jet charter flight. Sometimes circumstances beyond the air charter operator’s control (such as rising gas prices) will also affect your final rate. However, honest air charter companies are aware of these contingencies and will always let you know if there is pending legislature or issues that may affect future pricing for your flight so there are no surprises.

We hope that as we move into 2022, you will consider us for your jet charter travel, jet acquisition or aircraft management services. As a family-owned and operated company in business since 2009, we’re aircraft specialists that can help with all your aviation needs. Call 800.247.2834 to learn how.